Cyanotype Course

Cyanotype course / Cyanotypikurs

Dear Members,

Welcome to another workshop by Pictura! This time we will take a step back in time and explore an old and slow yet endlessly fun photography technique: the cyanotype, aka the blueprint process. We will start with very little background and theory of cyanotype and then proceed to making the prints from scratch – mix the chemicals, prepare the cyanotype paper, aim for the best composition and then develop some prints.

The workshop will be led by two enthusiasts, Laura (@salazarbogoya) and Maia (@milleristine). We will provide most material, but you may like to bring your own stash of natural or other objects that you want to reproduce. Everything non-transparent will come out as completely white on the print, so avoid objects with large monolithic surface and instead experiment with transparent and semi-transparent materials and net-like complicated structured (for instance, leaves with a lot of holes, all sorts of nets and lace, lichen, pressed flowers or other natural material, foam, transparent and semi-transparent plastic, paper snowflakes, cake dollies, etc.). The flatter the material (i.e. pressed leaf vs. a leaf that you picked up from the pavement on the way to the workshop), the sharper the cyanotype reproduction will be, but of course that may not be the style you are going for.

One can of course make cyanotype prints of actual photographs. If you would like to attempt this, do post me the picture to (by the latest!) and we will get it printed for you on OH-foil. Please bear in mind that the picture should be in shades of gray (black and white) and in relatively good contrast.

We will meet at Pictura’s HQ in Geologicum.

The workshop will be mainly in English, but Swedish will largely be spoken there, too 😉


Kom och lär dig den gamla fotografitekniken cyanotypi! Kursen går i huvudsak på engelska, men svenska talas också.


WHAT? Cyanotype course
WHERE? Geologicum, room 217
WHEN? Friday, November 19, 5–8 p.m.
WHY? Learn a new technique!

You’ll find us in the Geologicum building by the cathedral, second floor, room 217. Before 6 p.m. you can use your own HID key to get in. Contact us if you need us to open the door!

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